Starboard Hotels

Starboard Hotels’ Mission, Vision and Values

Starboard Hotels’ mission is “to create a diverse portfolio of hotel investments spread both geographically and across trading brands that delivers investment returns exceeding the aspirations of its stakeholders”

Our Vision is:

- To acquire going concerns and sites to develop branded hotels in the UK and Europe

- To franchise across a range of brands to allow the maximum value to be built into each individual hotel

- To operate great hotels that our customers will love

- To be an employer of choice

Our Values are:

Our Customers:

To operate all our sites to the Brand standards and then to treat each of our guests as individuals and do our best to anticipate and meet their needs.

Our Employees:

To invest in our people and give them the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our Shareholders:

To invest wisely in each individual hotel ensuring our hurdle rates are met.
To protect the value in the hotel through prudent management processes.

Our Communities:

To develop and operate each hotel in a way to minimise their impact on the environment.
To make a positive contribution in the communities within which we operate.






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